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Set Your Patrol Goals

August 19, 2019

As you're planning the new year of student patrols, think of the following questions:

Where, when and how often will the Watt Watchers patrol? Consider times when classrooms are normally empty such as lunch, recess, before and after school. Which rooms and areas will be included? Will any areas be off limits? Do you want to include doors, windows, ceiling fans, computers or other wasters? How will the bathrooms, stage areas, teacher’s workroom, offices and closets be handled? Where will the Watt Watcher patrols pick up and store their supplies? What extra supplies will you need? These are all things that you will need to decide before setting up your team of patrols.

In addition to those logistical plans, consider working together with other teachers, administration, or across schools in your district on Student Patrols goals for the coming school year. Evaluate those goals periodically and don't shy away from adjusting them depending on how circumstances change. As you're nearing the end of the year, think about how to further celebrate your success in relation to your goal.

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