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Activity: Integrating “Energy 101”

If you're looking for a resource related to complex, multidisciplinary issues in the energy sector, look no further than Energy 101: Energy Technology & Policy

If you are interested in obtaining subsidized access for students or teachers in your district reach out to contact@watt-watchers.com. Several of the chapters from Energy 101 are linked as external resources to activities and project-based learning opportunities created as part of Watt Watchers of Texas. You can see all of these projects online under the High School Activities section of this website.

The following table includes the standards alignment of different sections of Energy 101, which you can use to address a specific standard or to determine the Texas-specific instructional objectives of integrating Energy 101.

3: Energy LiteracyIPC.3B, IPC.3C, PHYS.3B, IPC.3C, IPC.5H
4: Energy BasicsIPC.5D, PHYS.6D, PHYS.6E, CHEM.11A, IPC.5A, IPC.5B, PHYS.6B
5: Energy UsesPHYS.3C, IPC.3F
7: CoalIPC.5I
8: Natural GasIPC.5I
9: PetroleumIPC.5I
10: Unconventional Fossil FuelsIPC.5I
12: HydroelectricIPC.5I, PHYS.6C
13: WindIPC.5I, PHYS.6C
14: SolarIPC.5I
15: GeothermalIPC.5I
16: BioenergyIPC.5I
17: NuclearIPC.5I, IPC.7E, CHEM.12B, PHYS.8D
28: Energy and the EnvironmentIPC.3A, PHYS.3A, IPC.6A, IPC.7F
29: Energy and Climate ChangeIPC.3A, PHYS.3A
30: Energy and WaterIPC.7F
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