Solar Oven S’mores Project

DIRECTIONS:  Make a Solar Oven: Wrap the inside of the box, including the sides, in aluminum foil. Wrap the larger cardboard piece in aluminum foil. Place the ingredients for the s’mores in the box: Break a graham cracker in half, placing one half of the cracker on the bottom of the box. Place a marshmallow[…]

How Much Food Do You Waste?

Measure Your Food Waste: Activity Directions Week 1 Place an empty black bag in your designated food waste receptacle and place it on your scale. Record the weight. Let everyone in your house know to dump any unused food in this trash can for the next week. You don’t have to include unusable parts of[…]

Solar Cooking Demonstrations

Solar cooking is a great outreach program you can do with feeder schools in your district or at an Earth Day Celebration. It would be a great way to teach students about how much energy and power the sun is able to produce. Solar cooking is not only fun, but it’s a great educational tool.[…]

Energy Announcements, Posters, Marquee Signs, Display Cases

You can do weekly announcements about energy conservation or environmental awareness. Posters can be made that explain the different energy sources, remind people to recycle, or deal with Energy or Environment topics. Display cases can be done to promote energy conservation or environmental awareness. Banners can be done just like posters – only bigger. Marquee[…]

Vending Machine Audit

It’s basically a refrigerator, disguised as a vending machine. In exchange for your money, it’s supposed to provide cold drinks and it’s pretty reliable at doing just that. Now, if that’s all it did, there would be no need for this page, so if you’re guessing that there’s an energy problem, you’re right. Let’s go[…]