How Much Food Do You Waste?

Measure Your Food Waste: Activity Directions Week 1 Place an empty black bag in your designated food waste receptacle and place it on your scale. Record the weight. Let everyone in your house know to dump any unused food in this trash can for the next week. You don’t have to include unusable parts of[…]

Gardening with Students

Directions for Making Recycled Planters Make sure the tin cans have the top lid fully removed and are empty, washed, and dried. If there are remaining metal fragments where the lid used to be, use the metal file to file it down for safety. Use the nails and hammer to make drainage holes in the[…]

Survey Your School to Determine Its Energy IQ

A survey’s main point is to access a group and find out how much information they know and what information they are unsure of. The best way to do this is to find questions that are easily answered, typically yes or no questions. Using that method, you will most likely get answers that you can[…]

Campus Beautification Project

Determine which area of your campus needs the most help or is most visible to your student body or pick an area in town that needs a little extra touch. Then start asking your group what kind of beautification project they would like to do. There are many options; for example, your organization could do[…]

Recycled Art Contest

Your recycling project may need a little boost and doing a recycled art contest is a great way to get people pumped up about recycling. One way to do this simple project is to have grade levels compete against each other. You might want to select the recycled material—for instance everyone must use recycled cans[…]

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is April 22 and is a good time to host a celebration. Check to see if your community does anything for Earth Day. If they do, ask if they would like any volunteers to help plan the day or just be there to help where needed. If your community does not do anything,[…]

Solar Cooking Demonstrations

Solar cooking is a great outreach program you can do with feeder schools in your district or at an Earth Day Celebration. It would be a great way to teach students about how much energy and power the sun is able to produce. Solar cooking is not only fun, but it’s a great educational tool.[…]

Unplug the Extras During Long Breaks

Do teachers at your school have microwaves, small refrigerators, lamps, and other appliances in their classrooms? A great project to do before long breaks from school is to distribute a reminder announcement about unplugging those items. There is no need to keep a refrigerator plugged in to cool something that is going to be moldy[…]

Computer Monitor Reminder Cards

Now that technology has made the monitor power down without any human input, it is easy to forget to turn off your computer CPU when you are not using it. Many school computers are accidentally left on overnight for just that reason. Just as light switch reminders help us to remember to turn off the[…]

Light Switch Covers

This is a great project to help teachers and students remember to turn their lights off when they leave the classroom. It is also a very easy project to do. You can use our basic template or make your own. Start off by measuring different light switch plates in your school. You can make a[…]