“Texas is Too Good to Waste”

Follow along with Lil’ Tex and Ann, the Watt Watchers, as they track down the Wasters Gang! See how the Watt Watchers follow the Wasters’ trail of wasted energy and water to their secret hideout. Then for grades K–2, complete the activities at the end of the book. When your students go on patrol, they[…]

Secret Patrol

Background Information Survey your school to see if the Watt Watchers program will save your school money. Use the Watt Watchers check sheet to tally the empty classrooms at your school with the lights on. By patrolling the halls of your school you can see just how much energy is going to waste. As well as, if the teachers are saving energy[…]

Initial Press Release

When you are starting or restarting a Watt Watchers program in your school or district, you may want to communicate your project to stakeholders outside your school. The text copied below on this page can help you start the discussion with a community newsletter or your local newspaper. The press release is also available as[…]

Letter to Staff

It’s a good idea when starting or re-starting the program at your school to communicate a couple of things to other teachers and staff. The text below explains how the program makes a difference in your school and your district and lays the foundations for a school-wide conversation about how Texas is too good to[…]

Celebrate Your Success!

May arrives in schools with a rush of tests and locker clean-outs, but we need to remember to praise those teachers who have faithfully been conserving energy and the ones that learned something along the way. Depending on your school, you may want to have a school wide assembly, an after school event or just[…]

Recharge Your Patrol!

Back to School means the meters are running at your school. You can slow them down by turning off lights and other energy wasting items. It’s time to get your energy patrols back out into the school saving energy and money for another year. If you are wondering how to get your students energized for[…]

Forms and Templates

Download and print as many of these forms as you need to kick-start your program. Keep in mind the environmental implications of printing. All of these documents are available as PDF. If you cannot access PDF documents on your computer, you can download a free PDF reader. Some of the following templates are already formatted[…]

Mentor a Feeder School

Watt Watchers of Texas wants your help in getting all the schools in your district watching watts! The best way for everyone to eliminate energy waste in their school district is to make sure that the schools that feed into your school are busy watching watts. It is simple, free and fun for high school[…]

Sample Announcements

Your Watt Watchers of Texas patrol groups are doing a great service to the school. Promote these facts to your whole school through announcements. Publicly thank teachers who have shown consistent energy efficiency. Announce any extra projects you may be adding to your watch, like those found in the Extend and Expand sections of this[…]

Kicking Off the Year: Chants & Skits

After your first secret patrol, you need to get the word out that the “Watt Watchers are Coming”, as well as the particulars of your program and why this program is important. Your group can do this through memos, posters, or announcements, but it is much more fun and more effective to announce these through[…]