Water Conservation at Home

Did you know it takes energy to run water? Water is a precious resource and wasting it not only wastes water but energy too. Reducing water waste saves water, energy, and money. Did you know, heating water alone counts for an average of 15% of total household energy use?  Conservation is the careful utilization of[…]

Keep Your Cool Naturally

Understanding Energy Staying cool takes energy. There is energy in creating cool air, through electricity. Being unintentional about your energy use is a waste of energy. Not only does this waste money, but it wastes energy, which is made from natural resources. Natural resources are things that the earth supplies us with, such as rocks,[…]

How Much Food Do You Waste?

Measure Your Food Waste: Activity Directions Week 1 Place an empty black bag in your designated food waste receptacle and place it on your scale. Record the weight. Let everyone in your house know to dump any unused food in this trash can for the next week. You don’t have to include unusable parts of[…]

Gardening with Students

Directions for Making Recycled Planters Make sure the tin cans have the top lid fully removed and are empty, washed, and dried. If there are remaining metal fragments where the lid used to be, use the metal file to file it down for safety. Use the nails and hammer to make drainage holes in the[…]

Energy Announcements, Posters, Marquee Signs, Display Cases

You can do weekly announcements about energy conservation or environmental awareness. Posters can be made that explain the different energy sources, remind people to recycle, or deal with Energy or Environment topics. Display cases can be done to promote energy conservation or environmental awareness. Banners can be done just like posters – only bigger. Marquee[…]

Energy Week

Make sure to pick a week that works well with your school. If possible you could coordinate with national Energy Awareness Month in October, but any week during any month will work. There are many things that you can incorporate into an Energy Week. You could have your town’s Mayor come to your school and[…]