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How to Save Energy in the Summer

May 7, 2021

During the summer months our energy bills tend to increase. Our air conditioners run more hours, you or others in your home may be spending more time on electronics, and we use our washers and dryers more (who can forget the endless washing cycles of your beach towels and bathing suits!?). All these activities will come with heavy energy demands and costs.

Even though the summer season makes exorbitant energy use a necessity, your financial position and desire to conserve energy may put both your heart and your wallet at odds.

That’s why it’s important to take some time to learn your behaviors and patterns to see where you can conserve the most energy (and cost)!

Now is the time to adopt a new energy-saving game plan and avoid the skyrocketing energy bills. Your house can be one of the coolest in your area this season at a lower cost. But what do you need to make this a reality? You only need to do what other people will not be doing this summer, implement these energy-saving tips.

Here's how to save energy in the summer to minimize your costs.

Start By Optimizing Your Thermostat Settings 

It feels great every time you get your thermostat to the right level only minutes after attending a draining workout, experiencing a sweltering day, or generally spending a few hours outside in the summer. However, this might lead to a high electricity bill.

You can reduce these financial pains by taking smart calculations when using your thermostat. A report by the Department of Energy indicates that you may save up to 10% of your annual energy costs by setting your thermostat at 78 degrees and keeping it within a stable range. Similarly, you will be saving up to 3% of your cooling costs for every degree you raise on your thermostat above the 72 degrees mark.

Remember to raise your thermostat to a comfortable level to optimize energy efficiency while balancing energy and money.

Your thermostat could give you a greater cost-saving opportunity by setting the temperature even higher any time you are away from home or turning it off just to ensure that no energy is used on air conditioning in an unoccupied house. Indeed, installing a programmable thermostat could save you the hassles associated with the physical presence and manual operations. They'll adjust your house temperatures automatically, even when you are miles away from home.

Reconnect with Nature to Save Money

Summers could be the best moments of the year to reconnect with Mother Nature. It would be best if you took advantage of the pleasant weather conditions in your area to enjoy longer hours outside your home. Reconnecting with the natural environment means spending fewer hours inside your house. This translates to enormous energy savings as you will give your AC, computers, game consoles, and TVs a small break.

Here are the activities you can engage in this summer if you want to use the least amounts of energy:

  • Try attending to your home gardens
  • Visit the park in your local area
  • Go to the beach
  • Take a hike
  • Visit an amusement park
  • Try handwashing your dishes instead of using the dishwasher (but be sure to turn off the tap when it’s not in use!)
  • Enjoy your workout outside instead of using your weights and treadmill
  • Use the clothesline to dry your clothes
  • Grill outside instead of using your oven or stove

These activities are not only meant to help you cut down on your energy bills but also present a great moment for you to bond with your family members and friends. What is better than that? You get to save money while minimizing your energy bill and spending quality time with your family! It’s always fun to take advantage of energy-saving tips that help you in more ways than one.

Check Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner needs to undergo regular maintenance practices if you want it to give you the best service at the least cost possible in its several years of operation. You may end up with excessive bills if you put off regular check ups.

Any electrical expert will tell you that neglecting your appliances causes poor performance and overall unnecessary energy usage. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to change your air conditioner's filters every three months, and to ensure your AC is working at maximum efficiency, hire a professional to do a full inspection at least once every year. 

You may also try upgrading your air conditioners and other appliances that consume a lot of energy this summer. This might cost a lot up front, however, this will save you both energy and money over the long run. Investing in energy-efficient systems could be the wisest decision you make.

Remember to maintain your air conditioner, upgrade your air conditioning system, and optimize energy-efficient components in each aspect of your home to lower your overall energy costs.

Lower Your Oven Use to Lower Your Energy Bill

Ovens are one of the heaviest energy consumers in our homes. Plan to use your oven less often during the summer months. This might be a hard decision as you find alternatives to cooking with the oven - however, you must remember that the more you put the stove to use the more your AC works too.

Take a little moment to decide how you can replace your oven's function with other gadgets that could offer similar services more feasibly (like grilling outdoors, or making cold dishes instead of hot ones).

Energy Saving Tips

At Watt Watchers, we understand that cool air is lovely in the summer and that cold water can feel phenomenal during hot days in the summer months. That’s why we want to help you stay cool and save money while also saving energy. 

Learn more about Watt Watchers and improving efficiency within your home and world; feel free to browse around for more information to keep your home cold while minimizing electricity consumption.Whether it is about improving your window system, cooling and heating system, or modifying ways you do your laundry cooking, we're pleased to share as comprehensive as possible. Find out how we at Watt Watchers help you save on your energy costs with simple changes with some of our favorite activities: How Much Water Do You Use, Home Energy Survey, and Calculating Showers.

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