April 21, 2018

Adopt a Highway

You can follow these steps to setup a highway clean-up site.

  1. Speak with your teacher/sponsor to find out if it is possible for your group to participate in adopt a highway clean-ups.
  2. Then contact the Texas Department of Transportation “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign. This website will give you all the information for your area. Each area has a different coordinator who assigns highway sections. They will assign a two mile strip of highway in your area to your group.
  3. Make sure when you sign on to take part in this project, you understand that you will sign a two year agreement to clean your highway section four to six times a year.
  4. Everything you need to do this project, except the people, is provided by the Adopt a Highway program. They provide the volunteers with the appropriate permits, safety vests, litter bags, and safety training.
  5. The benefits to your group are great: first it is FREE – you can’t beat that. You get FREE advertisement on the Adopt a Highway sign for your group. Most of all you are helping keep Texas highways clean and helping to Keep Texas Beautiful. If you need any additional information, go to the Don’t Mess with Texas website. If your area is not listed, contact the Texas Department of Transportation.