April 20, 2018

Alternative Watt Watchers Programs for High Schools

There are many High School Watt Watchers of Texas programs that find it difficult to patrol on a daily basis due to the program being run by an extracurricular group like Student Council or Science Clubs. Watt Watchers has developed a way to make it work in that High School setting.

Your Watt Watchers program becomes an awareness program for your campus and goes beyond turning off the lights. Watt Watchers would like these student groups to do a monthly patrol to see where they stand each month on energy waste – are there lights being left on? Are people changing their behaviors?

With a monthly patrol your student group will be encouraged to put up signs on light switches to remind teachers/students to turn the lights out when they leave the room – these signs should be changed monthly – so that it continues to catch the attention of the occupant. The signs can be recycled from month to month by simply laminating them and adhering them to the wall or light switch.

We would also like you to post your findings in the school. Give the occupants some feedback on what you are discovering during your patrol time. Percentage of lights left on, percentage of lights left off, money saved by the amount off, money wasted by the amount left on – these are all great examples of how you can make your occupants aware of the energy used/wasted on your campus. Put a dollar amount to it – let the occupants of your school know how much it costs to power your school every month. The amount always amazes people. Chart the decrease in money spent on energy since the implementation of your program. Get the word out on energy – make everyone aware of it.