April 21, 2018

Campus Beautification Project

  1. Determine which area of your campus needs the most help or is most visible to your student body or pick an area in town that needs a little extra touch.
  2. Then start asking your group what kind of beautification project they would like to do. There are many options; for example, your organization could do monthly cleanups around the school, they could plant trees and add flowerbeds, or they can add some sort of permanent structure that can be used by the students at your school. If you decide to do something community related, look to cleaning up parks for children, cleaning up a cemetery, adding flowerbeds to visible areas in the community, or doing a mixture of these ideas.
  3. Once you decide on this, you will know how to budget for your project. Doing campus cleanups requires little to no money. Adding trees and flowerbeds involves getting flowers and trees donated or using some of your organization’s funds to make the project a reality. Adding a permanent structure like a picnic table or a campus wide beautification involves getting the materials donated or doing some fundraisers to pay for the project. If you are interested in doing a permanent structure, you might want to survey the student body to find out what they would like to see in that area.
  4. Make sure that whichever way you decide to do a campus beautification project, that you help maintain your project. That could mean watering the flowerbeds and trees, posting signs to help promote cleaning up the campus, or using the structure that you helped put on your campus or in the community.

Doing a project like this could make your organization want to do something in your community. You could adapt this project to use in your community very easily. Talk to people in your community and find out some places that they think need sprucing up. Then contact your local government leaders or your Chamber of Commerce, and they would be more than willing to help you with a project like this. A project of this kind will take a lot of volunteers so make sure your organization is supportive of the project and willing to help before you commit.