April 21, 2018

Computer Monitor Reminder Cards

Now that technology has made the monitor power down without any human input, it is easy to forget to turn off your computer CPU when you are not using it. Many school computers are accidentally left on overnight for just that reason. Just as light switch reminders help us to remember to turn off the lights, computer reminders will do the same.

  1. Find out how many computers are in your school. Remember to count teacher computers as well as computer labs. You can get this information by making a physical count or by asking the technology person or principal at your school. Double this number so you have two covers per computer (one for the monitor and one for the CPU).
  2. Come up with a short slogan or theme for your reminders such as “Off at Night” or “I need my rest.”
  3. Cut out shapes (check your library for a machine to help you with this) that represent your theme (stars, moons, etc). Use card stock or construction paper.
  4. Write your slogan on the shapes and have them laminated so they will last longer.
  5. Attach one to each computer and monitor in an easily visible place. If the CPU is under a desk or not easily visible, place the reminder somewhere it will be seen.