April 21, 2018

Energy Announcements, Posters, Marquee Signs, Display Cases

  1. You can do weekly announcements about energy conservation or environmental awareness.
  2. Posters can be made that explain the different energy sources, remind people to recycle, or deal with Energy or Environment topics.
  3. Display cases can be done to promote energy conservation or environmental awareness.
  4. Banners can be done just like posters – only bigger.
  5. Marquee signs are a great way to remind people of energy conservation or environmental awareness tips.

Educating the occupants of your school about the amount of energy the school uses is a great way to kick off an energy week or energy awareness campaign for your campus. Many people have no idea how much energy it takes to keep a school going or the money it takes to allow you to have an air conditioned school with computers! Contact your principal or energy manager to obtain copies of the energy bills for the last year. Make a large banner and chart the energy use for your campus. Hang this banner in the foyer or cafeteria of your school so that everyone can see it.