April 20, 2018

Mentoring a Watt Watchers of Texas Program in Your Feeder Schools

Watt Watchers of Texas wants your help in getting all the schools in your district watching watts! The best way for everyone to be eliminating energy waste in their school district is to make sure that the schools that feed into your school are busy watching watts. It is simple, free and fun for high school students to go to the middle schools and elementary schools in your district and share the message about Watt Watchers, take the students on their first patrol and then check up on them from time to time to make sure they are giving out tickets to those energy wasters and thanking the Zero Heroes in their schools.

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your feeder schools started today:

  1. Contact a teacher. Did you have a favorite teacher in the elementary school and middle school that you went to before coming to your high school? Is that teacher still teaching at that school? Or is there a science club or other organization in the middle or elementary school that is interested in doing energy projects? Contact that teacher; inform him or her about the Watt Watchers of Texas program.
  2. Set up a time to meet the new Watt Watchers. Coordinate a time with the new Watt Watchers of Texas sponsor. Go to the feeder school and teach the students about the new program. Help them come up with ways to teach the other students, teachers and administrators about this new program at their school. One great idea is to do a skit about the program during an assembly – this allows everyone to learn about the program, have fun and be excited about the energy saving program that is starting at the school.
  3. Go on Patrol. Be there to take the younger students on their first Watt Watchers patrol. Help them design their route and make sure they are marking their charts and giving out tickets and thank you notes. Remind the students to keep the charts in a file so that they can award the Zero Hero Award at the end of the school year to the teacher that wasted the least amount of energy!
  4. Stay in Touch. It is very important that you contact the feeder school to make sure that their program is running smoothly and answer any questions they might have.