April 21, 2018

Oil Recycling Project

  1. To start a project like this, it is best to try to partner with the vocational department, especially if they have an auto mechanics class. They can always help to store the used oil until it is taken to the recycling center. Some places will even come to pick up used oil.
  2. If this event is going to be successful, you need to make sure that you advertise for a good period of time. It might even be helpful if you say that every first Tuesday of the month, you will collect used oil. People might have better luck remembering that they need to bring their oil to school.
  3. For the location of a used oil/oil filter collection center near you, you can also search the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or Earth911. Both of these websites have information about used oil recycling programs and centers that take used oil. Many times if a company knows that you are doing a project like this, they will even offer to come and pick up your school’s used oil, which can save your council the trip to a recycling center.
  4. It would also be a good idea to figure out exactly how much oil you collect each time.