April 20, 2018

Overnight & Weekend Meter Audits

This project will make the administrators in your school and district aware of where large amounts of energy are being wasted. Students should read the meters at the close of the day (or Friday afternoon for a weekend audit) and read them again the next morning (or before school starts on Monday for a weekend audit) to see how much energy is being used when the school is shut down. The data should be reported to the Energy Manager and principal.

Efforts to reduce the amount of energy used when school is closed should be implemented. Suggestions for reducing that energy waste include making sure all lights are off in the school when it is closed (with the exception of security lighting), computers should be powered down for nights and weekends, teachers should not have individual refrigerators in their classroom; copy machines and other nonessential equipment is turned off. The audit should be repeated throughout the school year to make sure that things are being powered down and turned off when not in use.