April 21, 2018

Start and Maintain Other Recycling Programs

Once you have the basic steps for starting a recycling program you can expand to other areas that you see as a need in your school.

Does your school have plastic bottle or aluminum can soda machines? Start a campaign to recycle those soda containers. Contact your local recycling company to find out if they can handle the particular material you want to recycle and how much it would cost your school. Find or design bins that will accommodate the shape of container you are working with. You can contact your local soda bottling company and ask for a donation of leftover syrup barrels to use as bins. If the hole in the top of your bin is the same shape and size as the container, you will have less trash in with your recyclables. Remember to always get permission from your principal first.

The recycling triangle symbol you often see on products actually has three words: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Look around your school for ways your group can help with reducing consumption and reuse as well.

Does your school have a dress code or uniforms? Have the seniors donate gently used clothing at the end of the year to be distributed to those in need. Expand that same project to include all grade levels for clothes they have outgrown.

Instead of throwing away all the leftover supplies in your locker at the end of the year, donate them to a teacher, an elementary school or a group in your area that could help distribute these. On locker clean-out days, set out boxes clearly labeled as donations. You will need to sort through these to weed out the unusable supplies. Be sure to have a destination in mind for these products before you start the project. You may end up with boxes full of crayons and nowhere to go with them.