April 21, 2018

Student Automobile Efficiency Day

So, when was the last time you checked your tire pressure?

Have the class survey the school parking lot. Give out ribbons to drivers – if they want their tire pressures checked they put the ribbon on their dash or rearview mirrors. The class then checks all the marked cars in the lot and leaves a note card under the windshield wiper with the pressures for each tire recorded.

Provide an “Air Station” after school to get underinflated tires pumped up. (This will require some air compressors, hose, etc.) Or this could be coordinated with a nearby service station that would permit students to help people get their tires inflated.

Borrow a Cross Reference Manual from a local auto parts store or contact an auto parts manufacturer like Car Quest, FRAM or Puralator to request a copy. Once you have the manual you can look up information on air filter size for the car. Recommended tire pressures can be read from the tires and recorded on a chart. Windshield wiper size can be measured and recorded. Your group can leave the driver a small chart they can put in their glove box with all this useful information. It will now be easier and more likely for your fellow students to keep up with routine maintenance that can save energy, save them money, and prevent pollution.

Keep a score of the recorded tire pressures and use the data to compare with national averages and make a large chart to hang in the school to make everyone aware.

 Tire Pressure Worksheet