April 20, 2018

Track Your School’s Monthly Energy Savings

Your school gets an electricity bill just like your parents receive at home every month. The main difference in the two bills is that your school’s electricity bill is probably really huge. Nationally, all the schools in the United States spend over $6 billion dollars per year on energy. That’s more than is spent on books and computers combined. An average U.S. school uses $4,500 per month, and large high schools can have electricity bills of $30,000 per month. The average spent on energy for each student is $115 each year. How much would that be at your school?

Students, teachers and administrators need to realize the amount of funds that are spent on utilities in your school. Studies done on providing feedback to energy users indicate that when people know how much they are using they tend to save energy, probably because they are thinking about it rather than operating on “automatic pilot.” A good way to illustrate energy use on your campus is by posting a large banner with a chart of your school’s energy use. Chart the dollars of energy used each month. Contact your Energy Manager and ask him/her for a copy of the energy bills.

Tracking your school’s energy savings is a very simple task. Compare current energy use (since you have implemented Watt Watchers) to energy use a year before you started Watt Watchers. The data may not compare directly if the seasons were significantly different for the two years. Ask your Energy Manager about adjusting for weather differences. Chart the bills from last year and this year and post them in your school so that everyone can see the energy savings that you are achieving by simply reducing energy waste.