Solar Oven S’mores Project

DIRECTIONS:  Make a Solar Oven: Wrap the inside of the box, including the sides, in aluminum foil. Wrap the larger cardboard piece in aluminum foil. Place the ingredients for the s’mores in the box: Break a graham cracker in half, placing one half of the cracker on the bottom of the box. Place a marshmallow[…]

Recycling and Reusing Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. It is the cup that you drink out of, the straw in your drink and the chair that you sit on. Plastic can be very useful and important, and it comes in many forms. Some of these forms are used often and for many years, while others are used only once and[…]

Learn What’s Recyclable

Know What You Can Recycle Paper and cardboard are examples of materials that are always recyclable, as long as they aren’t soiled with food. If they are soiled you should place them in a compost bin. Learn The Recycling Symbol This symbol means that a material is recyclable. This symbol is often found on the[…]

How Much Waste Do You Make at Home?

The average American produces 4.4 pounds of waste daily, including recyclable and compostable material. Waste comes from uneaten food, packaging, broken materials and more. So, how much waste do you produce? Setting the Stage: Give each member of your household a trash bag for their trash. You can place the bags in individual trash cans[…]

Gardening with Students

Directions for Making Recycled Planters Make sure the tin cans have the top lid fully removed and are empty, washed, and dried. If there are remaining metal fragments where the lid used to be, use the metal file to file it down for safety. Use the nails and hammer to make drainage holes in the[…]

About Recycling

What is Recycling? Recycling is when you convert waste into a reusable material. The recycled material is processed and transformed into material that can be reused. It’s old material, but good as new! Why Recycle? Recycling is an important way to reduce waste, conserve resources and decrease costs. By reusing materials to create new materials[…]