What’s Your Mode?

Background Information: More students today ride to school with an adult or on the bus than ever before. This leads to fuel usage that previously was saved, as students were able and willing to walk to school. By calculating exactly what it costs for each child to get to school, better decisions can be made. Bus costs vary greatly depending on[…]

Texas Public Transit and You

Background Information: Ridership is defined as the number of people that ride public transit in a day. Large cities spend lots of dollars and hours to determine ways to increase ridership. Houston and Dallas have put in mass transit trains to better serve their populations. Corpus Christi has increased the areas and neighborhoods the bus goes to and streamlined the use of special[…]

Energy Trip Ticket

Background Information: Students use energy every day without thinking about where it comes from, how it arrives or even that they are using it. This activity will help to make students aware of their energy usage by making them “pay” for each energy trip they make throughout the day. This activity will also get students thinking about ways they can conserve or eliminate[…]

Auto Tire Pressure

Background Information: America is driving around on under-inflated tires, according to a recent survey. Under-inflated tires lower gas mileage, wasting millions of dollars each year. Under-inflated tires are also a major safety hazard. Thousands of accidents each year may be caused by poor handling due to under inflated tires. Interesting Facts: One out of three light trucks and one out of four cars[…]