August 21, 2018


Transportation makes so many of the things we do every day possible. Attending school outside of your home, eating food not grown in your garden, visiting friends or family that do not live in your neighborhood, countless jobs, and global commerce all depend on transportation. The transportation sector including all forms and modes, consumed about 20% of all energy globally in 2015. As such, efficiency in transportation represents a large potential to save energy in modern society.

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outdoor portrait of young boy riding a unicycle (one wheel bike) on natural background
Organize an Alternative Transportation Day

Plan a day to see how creative your student body can be with how they get to school—biking, skating, skateboards, pogo sticks, dog sled—and compare the energy efficiency.

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Carpool Days
Carpool Days

Students promote ridesharing and carpooling by hosting a contest to see how many people can get to school legally in one car.

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Oil leakage from old car.
Checking for Oil Leaks

Students review the parking lots to identify cars presenting oil leaks and leave a friendly note to the driver.

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Checking the air pressure in a tire
Student Automobile Efficiency Day

When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Provide an “Air Station” after school to get underinflated tires pumped up.

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Close-Up Of Woman Checking Car Engine Oil Level On Dipstick
Automobile Efficiency Mini Lessons

This project invites auto mechanics students and teachers to share their knowledge of maintenance and efficiency with the rest of the school community.

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Adopt a Highway
Adopt a Highway

Student groups, parent groups, the school community, or the entire district can participate in Adopt a Highway programs.

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A group of young children getting on the schoolbus
What’s Your Mode?

Students will calculate fuel mileage of a family car and a school bus to determine which is a more efficient way to get to school.

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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Texas Public Transit and You

The students will discover statistics about public transit and discuss reasons behind those statistics.

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Energy Trip Ticket

Students will learn about wasting energy, conserving energy, energy crisis and what to do about this by doing a hands on, minds on, classroom activity throughout the week.

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Checking the air pressure in a tire
Auto Tire Pressure

In this activity, students will use a tire pressure gauge to determine if the tires are properly inflated and learn how under inflated tires effect gas mileage for a vehicle.

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