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Throughout the site you will find curriculum, activity guides and tools to start Watt Watchers with your students. The Activities pages have resources created for specific grade levels, so start exploring! You can also use the icons below to see content aligned with a particular topic. Watt Watchers is a growing project through the year 2018. Check back later to see how our resources have expanded and sign up for communications to stay up to date with our plans.



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Texas is too good to waste

Watt Watchers of Texas is a state-sponsored STEM program to help boost energy literacy for K-12 students and help schools save money by saving energy. Through the program students, teachers and families will have access to energy saving tips, activities and lessons. Launched in 1985, Watt Watchers 2.0 is an updated resource that builds upon the original beloved program and provides a modern look at energy, sustainability and conservation. So dive in and start exploring - because Texas is too good to waste!