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Texas is too good to waste.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a state-sponsored STEM program to help boost energy literacy for K-12 students and help schools save money by saving energy. Through the program, students, teachers, and families will have access to energy saving tips, activities, and lessons. Launched in 1985, Watt Watchers of Texas is an updated resource that builds upon the original beloved program and provides a modern look at energy, sustainability and conservation. So dive in and start exploring—because Texas is too good to waste!
Join Lil’ Tex and Ann, the Watt Watchers, as they track down the Wasters Gang. Along the way, you'll learn about saving energy, water, and all of the resources that make Texas a great place. Any time you see a light left on in an empty room, water running down the sidewalk, or recyclable plastic and metal in the trash, you'll know the Wasters Gang is near by.

Watt Watchers at School

The classic Watt Watchers of Texas program is better than ever! In addition to the popular student patrols program, we have more than 100 free activities covering energy, water, conservation, and more for you to use in your classroom. They're organized by theme and grade level, so it's easy to find whatever you're looking for. And best of all, our free activities are all TEKS-aligned!
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Watt Watchers at Home

At Watt Watchers of Texas, we believe that introducing kids of all ages to the benefits of energy efficiency—both for the planet and for our bills—is essential if they are to maintain an energy-efficient culture. For those Texas residents who homeschool their children and are looking for free resources for energy education, we have developed free resources you can use to educate your kids about saving energy.
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Contact Our Energy Conservation Experts

We have all of the resources you will need no matter the age or grade level of your children. Our goal since 1985 has been to promote the energy conservation efforts of Texas residents and help to create more sustainability. Join us and let your kids join Lil’ Tex and Ann in their efforts rounding up the Wasters Gang!
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Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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