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Activity Themes

The free student activities are divided into six themes surrounding energy and water conservation.

Electricity Activities For Students

Saving electricity is one of the easiest and most obvious energy conservation methods to be implemented in an energy efficiency program and curriculum. These activities encourage students to learn more about the items around them which use the most energy and how best to eliminate overconsumption.
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Water Activities For Students

Because water is a limited resource but also one which we need to use for a variety of life’s necessities including cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The activities included here help teach your students about the importance of water for all life on earth and why it is critical to implement conservation efforts to save this most-valuable resource.
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Student Activities about Materials

Recycling is not just a trendy activity. It is a vital method for conserving precious materials extracted from the earth and preventing them from entering a landfill. Recycling allows these materials to be repurposed and eliminates the need for unnecessary transportation. To have an impact on overall energy consumption, activities can be done at the local level, including at your school.
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Cooling and Heating Lessons for Kids

Kids (and adults) don’t need to understand the particular processes behind heating and cooling of homes, schools, and other buildings to know that there is a need for reductions in energy consumption from air conditioners and heaters. These activities allow students to learn more about best practices when using their AC and heaters.
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Teaching Students about Transportation

Transportation is vital for almost every aspect of daily life from commuting to and from school or work to visiting friends and family and everything in between. Cars, trucks, buses, and countless other vehicles use resources, so it is important to find ways to conserve these resources. Kids may not understand or care about fuel or engines, but they can easily relate to activities involving car pooling with their friends.
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Teaching Students about Food

We all need food to keep our bodies running and healthy, but there is far more to food than simply eating. From learning about the agricultural industry and transportation of good to non-recyclable food containers and FDA requirements for food labels, these activities and lessons show students where their food comes from and where food waste goes once they’re done with it.
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Or, you can explore the activities by grade level:

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Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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