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Global Warming and Natural Disasters: How we influence the weather

February 9, 2023
Global warming has become one of modern history's most talked about topics. When combined with the plastic epidemic, water scarcity, deforestation, and pollution, there are more concerns surrounding the health of our planet and the future of civilization today than ever before. So what causes global warming, and what does it have to do with […]
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Energy Trends And Careers Set To Thrive In 2023 

January 31, 2023
2022 was a huge year for energy. An expected shift to renewables, halted following the energy crisis in Europe and further aggravated by the Russian war on Ukraine, left the energy sector in a scramble to get things back on track. The continued increase in the production of nonrenewable energy, such as coal, which is […]
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The Importance of Glaciers

January 18, 2023
You may not think of glaciers very often. After all, to the average person, they are little more than giant chunks of ice floating around somewhere far away. And in a sense, those who think this are correct. A glacier is fundamentally nothing more than the accumulation of snow compacted over thousands of years to […]
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Conservation, Sustainability and Efficiency: What’s the Difference?

January 4, 2023
The importance of clean energy and a healthy environment is everywhere nowadays. The average person is likely to encounter at least one campaign advocating for green practices through content on social media, advertisements, or even through their school or work. Vocabulary like conservation, sustainability, and efficiency are used repeatedly and often interchangeably. However, to truly […]
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8 Billion and Counting: The World Population and the Environment

December 28, 2022
Prior to 1800, the population around the globe changed and grew at a relatively slow rate. The world population from 10,000 BC to 1700 only grew at a rate of about .04% annually. This growth rate remained consistent until after the 1800s. Starting at this time, however, a drastic jump can be seen on an international scale, […]
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NASA’s Next Mission: Water

December 14, 2022
Why should we care about water? As is discussed frequently in Smart Energy Education, water and energy share a unique and important relationship. We need energy to access water, and we need water to access energy. This connection, otherwise known as the energy-water nexus, is a pillar in our societies and intimately impacts the comfortability […]
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