August 21, 2018


At its basic level, food is a form of energy. Our bodies convert chemical energy stored in food to kinetic energy through a series of complex physical and chemical processes. In turn, this kinetic energy powers our muscles and lets us move. Beyond food, agricultural operations, processing, packaging, transporting, refrigerating, and preparing food all require energy. All of that energy goes somewhere, and only some of it is used. The rest is waste. As a result, one of the ways to save energy is to save food waste and other energy waste in the food system from the fields to your plate.

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warm freshly home made smores on a white plate
Solar Oven S’mores Project

In this food-based activity, students will learn about light energy and heat energy by making S’mores in a homemade solar oven.

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Close-up Of A Person Throwing The Leftover Pasta Into The Trash Bin
How Much Food Do You Waste?

Students will track and measure their food consumption over two weeks to learn more about waste and strategies to reduce food waste.

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Solar Cooking Oven with black pot.
Solar Cooking Demonstrations

There is a wide variety of solar cookers students may build, some of which can be constructed during a class period and others which may require a whole day.

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Group of teens standing together and holding a blank board
Energy Announcements, Posters, Marquee Signs, Display Cases

Students engage the school community with a communications approach designed to keep resource conservation at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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Vending Machine Audit
Vending Machine Audit

When a refrigerator door is closed, the light goes off. On a vending machine, the light stays on 24 hours a day.


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