April 21, 2018

Light Switch Covers

This is a great project to help teachers and students remember to turn their lights off when they leave the classroom. It is also a very easy project to do.

You can use our basic template or make your own. Start off by measuring different light switch plates in your school. You can make a cover that covers the whole light switch and just has an opening for the switch or you can make a border for the outside of the cover plate. Either way they will remind people to turn the lights off.

Make a pattern for the covers. You can decorate them with tips on conserving energy or a reminder about turning off the lights to help save energy and money for the school district.

Once they are decorated, you can copy them on cardstock or you can laminate them so they will last longer. Take them to your group meeting and let your members cut them out and deliver them with a note about turning off the lights.