April 21, 2018

Unplug the Extras During Long Breaks

Do teachers at your school have microwaves, small refrigerators, lamps, and other appliances in their classrooms? A great project to do before long breaks from school is to distribute a reminder announcement about unplugging those items. There is no need to keep a refrigerator plugged in to cool something that is going to be moldy by the time your break is over. So unplug those extras! Here is a sample announcement:

Unplug the Extras Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break are just around the corner and there are a few things that we encourage you to do before you leave.

  1. Turn off all computer monitors and computers in your room.
  2. Unplug refrigerators and microwaves in your classroom or teacher’s lounge.
  3. Take home any class pets or plants (check your school policy for aquariums).
  4. Make sure all the lights are out.
  5. Turn off other common equipment like copy machines, printers, laminators, etc.
  6. Close the windows and adjust your shades (open your shades if your classroom is south facing and close them if your classroom is north facing.)
  7. Unplug any seasonal decorations.
  8. If you are in a portable make sure heaters are off or set back.
  9. Turn off and unplug TV’s – some are “instant on” and constantly draw electricity.
  10. Unplug any rechargeable tools or other items – they are energy vampires!