August 21, 2018


On its own, water is a necessary and precious resource. Necessary for drinking, cooking, cleaning, cooling, and other processes fundamental to life, water is a human need. However, like all other resources on Earth, water is limited. As global demand continues to rise, the availability of the water resource will not rise with it. Conservation is one way to help ensure there is enough to go around. Further, energy and water are tightly linked because society uses energy for water and water for energy. Saving water is one way to save energy and vice versa.

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Shower head working on blue background. Spa.
Water Conservation at Home

Students will learn that even small changes at home can add up to big changes in water savings.

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Female hand setting a digital thermostat
Keep Your Cool Naturally

Students will learn ways to cool their homes naturally in order to save energy – and money.

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Water meters installed on the pipe and sealed
How Much Water Do You Use?

In this activity, students will learn how much water modern homes use by learning how to read a home meter and ways to conserve water usage.

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Close-up Of A Person Throwing The Leftover Pasta Into The Trash Bin
How Much Food Do You Waste?

Students will track and measure their food consumption over two weeks to learn more about waste and strategies to reduce food waste.

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Gardening with Students
Gardening with Students

This project will teach students how to upcycle and reuse containers to start a garden. Teach kids ways to reuse food by having a discussion about planting leftover food to start plants.

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Energy Announcements, Posters, Marquee Signs, Display Cases

Students engage the school community with a communications approach designed to keep resource conservation at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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Energy Week

Students and their advisors organize events, speakers, and school-wide activities to engage the entire community with the activities and education about conservation topics.

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