April 16, 2018


A device or machine for performing a specific task.
An itemized statement of goods or services
A broad flat surface; found on turbines
A tank in which water is turned to steam for heating or power generation
check sheet
Form used during Watt Watchers of Texas patrols to record energy usage data
A black combustible solid used to provide heat during power generation
compact fluorescent bulb
A type of fluorescent lamp which screws into a regular socket or plugs into a small light fixture, that uses less energy than a typical incandescent bulb
To keep from being lost, damaged or wasted; saved
cost benefit analysis
The process of weighing the total expected costs vs. the total expected benefits of one of more actions in order to choose the most profitable option.
A time of great danger whose outcome decides whether possible bad consequences will follow
The face of a meter or gauge on which a pointer indicates an amount
Breeze that occurs in a closed space. Air is leaking in from the outside causing the space to be less efficient.
Ability to produce a desired effect or product with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste
electric outlets
Areas where appliances can be plugged in to receive electricity
An electric current supplied by a public utility for lighting or heating
The capacity of a physical system doing work
Energy Star
A voluntary partnership with equipment manufacturers across a variety of industries to reduce the power consumption and the pollution associated with the use of electricity
EZ Save
A program for implementing monitor power management over a network using a server
EZ Wizard
A Department of Energy program that will enable power management on your workstation automatically
fluorescent light
A glass tube/bulb that is coated with a fluorescent substance that gives off light when the mercury vapor inside the tube is acted upon by a current
The fluid form of a substance which can expand indefinitely (not a solid or a liquid)
A machine for producing electricity
high pressure steam
Water is heated to create steam and is then forced against the blades of a turbine at high pressure to power a generator
Glowing with intense heat; shining brightly; a lamp in which the light is produced by a filament of conducting material contained in a vacuum and heated to incandescence by an electric current
To cover with a non-conductive material in order to prevent the passage or leakage of electricity or heat
Any material used to insulate
A unit of electrical power equal to 1,000 watts
kilowatt-hour (kWh)
A unit of electrical energy or work equal to the power supplied by one kilowatt for one hour
lifetime cost
The cost of an appliance over the lifetime of the appliance
An instrument for measuring and recording the quantity or rate of flow of gas, electricity or water
miles per gallon (mpg)
the number of miles a vehicle can drive using one gallon of fuel
Any of various kinds of greasy combustible substances obtained from mineral sources; petroleum
To provide with structure
periodic appliance
An appliance that is used once in a while such as the washing machine or dishwasher
plug sealer
Used to insulate the opening around a switch or plug so that air cannot escape into the walls.
power generation
The process of creating electricity from an energy resource
power management
A process that allows monitors and computers to enter low power states when they are sitting idle
pounds per square inch (psi)
a unit of measure used for pressure
rate of return
The quotient of the annual dollar savings divided by the system’s total installed dollar cost. Expressed as a percent.
To preserve for future use; to avoid expense
screen saver
A program used on a computer monitor to protect the screen from burn in. Not necessary with newer computers
simple payback
The quotient of the total installed cost divided by the first year’s dollar savings of an appliance
To use up, consume, exhaust or wear out
A plan or action
A detailed inspection by gathering information through observations
switch plate
The cover over an electrical switch such as to turn on the lights
An account or score
A measurement of heat
Apparatus for regulating temperature
tire pressure gauge
Apparatus used to measure the pressure inside a tire
An engine or motor having a drive shaft driven by the impulse of steam, wind, or flowing water against the curved blades of a wheel
Not enough air inside an object
A company providing services such as water, electricity or gas
To use up or spend without real need
wind turbine
A generator operated by the winds’ rotation of large blades; used as a source of power