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Activity: How Much Water Do You Use?

Grade Level:

Activity Overview: You can learn how much water your house uses by reading your home meter. The Meter Reading activity will help you learn how to read a meter. In this activity, we are going to learn how to measure how many minutes of water you are using and find ways that you can conserve.

Time: This activity will take place over the course of two weeks. The first week, you will measure your consumption. In the second week you'll compare your consumption to week 1.

Use this worksheet for this activity:

How Much Water Do You Use?


Austin Water Water Use Calculator


MATH.7.3A, MATH.7.3B, MATH.6.3E, MATH.6.3D

SCI.6.1B, SCI.7.1B, SCI.6.2B, SCI.7.2B

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