Watt Watchers of Texas: Texas is Too Good To Waste™

CAST 19 Conference

November 21, 2019

In Dallas from November 21-23, the CAST 19 conference will be taking place. CAST is one of the nation’s premier science and education conferences.  As over 5,000 passionate attendees gather together to experience three-days of everything science featuring the latest trends, cutting-edge resources, and amazing activities, we wanted to highlight a Watt Watchers of Texas activity that focuses on interdisciplinary challenges in science, engineering, and resource management.

The Grand Challenges activity explores a list of problems in order of importance to society according to Richard Smalley, beginning with energy and moving through water, food, environment, poverty, terrorism and war, disease, education, democracy, and population. Through this activity, students are encouraged to create a robust report investigating and analyzing one of the major global issues of students’ choosing. 

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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