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Celebrate Ag Day With Watt Watchers!

April 9, 2021

Wouldn't it be great to have a day where you could celebrate the agricultural industry? Well, there is such an occasion. It is called Ag Day or National Ag Day and it’s celebrated March 24th!

We live in a fast-paced world, and we often find ourselves running from work to home or to other day-to-day activities and we can forget to think about simple elements like the food we eat! Everything from delicious steaks, avocado toast, lemon drizzle cake, or that chicken and chorizo recipe that we appreciate at our favorite restaurant.

These mouth-watering food items originate, and finally get to our tables because of the hard work and process of many people and organizations within the American agriculture industry.

Here is what you should know about Ag Day and the essentials of the American agriculture industry.

What is Ag Day?

Ag Day is a fantastic day that appreciates the importance of agriculture and the value it provides to society in the modern era. It is a day that helps individuals take a moment and pay attention to the agriculture industry that provides the ingredients to restaurants, grocery stores, meal service providers, and homes so individuals can enjoy their delicious meals.

The agricultural industry is a vital domain to everyday life as it has compounded knowledge on various farming practices that add value to general society. This compounded knowledge which includes continuously improving farming practices, more effective ways of growing plants, and conserving energy, all results in society’s ability to feed people.

The pioneers of Ag Day present this concept so that individuals worldwide, especially those in the United States, can appreciate the agriculture industry's beneficial goods and services. 

Ag Day brings together a host of entities that range from corporations, universities, agricultural organizations, nonprofit agencies, and even governmental organizations to recognize the importance of agriculture to our lives.

The initiative promotes agriculture and enables more Americans to learn more about the industry's various intricate aspects. They can learn about food processing, creation, modern agriculture methods, farming, horticulture, and other adjacent industries.

In essence, National Ag Day provides you with awareness, helps you find out how you can get involved, and shows you the vital roles of agriculture in a thriving society. Further, you can learn how this industry boosts the economy and enables an effective and streamlined way of living for millions of people in the United States.

The Importance of Agriculture in Our Daily Life

The agriculture industry is responsible for the food we eat and other aspects of our lives as well. For instance, in addition to the delicious and healthy foods that we eat, they provide the materials for our apparel, hygiene items, general cleaning tools, fuel components, and even the books we read. The agricultural sector touches our lives in more ways than one.

Here is a simple breakdown of the different segments agriculture covers in our daily lives.

Food: Many of the food products that we consume originate in classic and modern farms worldwide. You can happily and joyfully eat a few of these foods after washing them; no cooking is necessary! Of course, a few of these items include tomatoes, apples, oranges, kiwis, blueberries, bananas, and other nutritious and healthy snacks like nuts. Other items require processing to turn into an item that we can use for streamlined consumption. 

For instance, we can notice that the bread we eat comes from wheat that goes through several steps. At the same time, farms also house a wide variety of animals from cows to goats and chickens that provide us with a host of food items ranging from milk to eggs and butter.

Farm: The farm is where a large portion of the action takes place. A great deal of work occurs at the farm as it has a great portion of equipment and infrastructure set to conduct many initiatives. The farm is crucial in many ways, from raising animals to production to minor processing to other aspects before moving it to the next part of the process. 

Forestry: Did you know that the agriculture industry is also involved in forestry? They can grow acres of trees and other plants critical for a wide variety of species. The forestry component helps the lumber industry survive and thrive, which leads to value in the housing sector.

Flowers: Do you give flowers to the special people in your life? Do you like growing them yourself and taking care of them? How about how beautiful they make your home? Because the agricultural industry has specific niches such as flowers, this is all made possible.

Fabric: Remember that agriculture is responsible for fabric that is present in everyday life. From the clothes you wear to the carpets you walk on to other life components, material plays a significant role in preserving the quality of life. 

Now, you know that farmers play a key role in your everyday life and understand National Ag Day's importance!

Celebrate Ag Day With Watt Watchers!

What is Watt Watchers? Watt Watchers is an organization that fosters conversations around energy conservation, sustainability, and energy efficiency. 

We are an organization that recognizes the various components of the world that contribute to sustainability and appreciate, highlight, and celebrate events and initiatives that foster further education and awareness in these aspects.

We’ve prepared a variety of activities you can use to celebrate Ag Day with Watt Watchers! Take a look at the 5,000 Mile Salad by Power Trip and learn more about agriculture while celebrating Ag Day! 

Our team is also present to answer any questions you may have about the organization, activities, or any other inquiries.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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