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Energy Conservation Activities for Kindergarten

October 27, 2020

It’s never too early to get kids involved in energy conservation efforts at home and at school. Like adults, children also use energy resources in their daily lives. As technology advances and kids use devices like computers, tablets, and gaming consoles on a regular basis, they need to learn how to and why we should conserve energy. 

At Watt Watchers of Texas, we have developed activities, lessons, and resources for teachers and parents to teach children about the benefits of energy conservation. Even Kindergarteners can learn how energy is used in their homes and schools, as well as how to save resources. 

Energy Conservation Activities for Kindergarten 

Our energy conservation team at Watt Watchers has compiled resources and activities to be used by teachers and parents with children of all grade levels, including Kindergarten. With your guidance, kids can participate in a wide variety of activities with the goal of demonstrating real world actions that positively impact the conservation effort happening around them. Some of the activities we recommend for Kindergarteners include:

There are many more activities that could be added to this list, but the primary goal is to show kids that saving energy is important, can make a difference in the world, and can be fun. Teachers and parents might even gain some exciting new knowledge about energy conservation and what it can mean to your daily lives.

The Importance of Teaching Kindergarteners about Energy Conservation 

Kindergarten age children are constantly observing their surroundings, listening to and watching their parents and teachers, and learning everything they can about the world around them. They will also imitate the actions of adults, so it is important that adults are conscious of what they say and do regarding energy conservation. 

Kindergarteners are figuring out how the world works, and adults need to be their guide as they grow and learn. The simple act of turning off a light as you exit the room is a great starting point for adults to demonstrate how to reduce energy waste. From a young age, kids can learn and develop good energy saving habits from their parents and teachers, and simultaneously discover why saving energy makes a difference in their own lives. 

Contact Our Energy Conservation Specialists

At Watt Watchers of Texas, we are a state-sponsored STEM program designed to boost energy literacy for grades K-12 and to help schools save money through energy conservation. We provide free access to activities, lessons, and resources to teachers, faculty, administrators, and parents in an effort to spread the energy saving message. Whether your kids are in school or homeschooled, we have plenty of resources to provide the knowledge and assistance needed to educate kids about how saving water, energy, and other conservation efforts are beneficial to the world, their schools, and themselves.

And we believe that kids of all ages can and should participate in the energy conservation effort. To make this even more fun for kids, we have developed the Student Patrol Program where kids can join Lil’ Tex and Ann in their fight against the Wasters Gang. When it comes to energy conservation, we are truly dedicated to helping save Texas and the larger world as well as helping educators bring energy saving into their schools and homes. Contact our energy conservation specialists to learn more about how your school can participate in our program and to access our plethora of free resources.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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