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How to Save Energy at Home During the Summer

July 1, 2020

As we all know, the transition from the cooler winter months into the much warmer spring and summer months means that, in Texas, utility bills are going to increase. With the heat of the day reaching a high point, the interior of our homes also tend to heat up and you become uncomfortable unless some cooling techniques are employed. Unfortunately, those cooling methods tend to use a lot of energy.

Rather than crank up the air conditioning, there are some other ways to stay cool and save energy at the same time. At Watt Watchers of Texas, we understand how important it is for the planet and your utility bills to save energy in your home. We have resources for you that will help you discover ways you can work on your energy conservation efforts and get your children involved at the same time.

Children can become members of the Watt Watchers Student Patrol Program at home and help Lil’ Tex and Ann in their fight against the Wasters Gang. Kids will enjoy being part of the group while also learning about different types of sources of energy, and you will benefit from the reduction in utility bills. It’s a win-win!

Save Energy at Home this Summer 

There are a variety of ways you and your family can work diligently to save energy in your home throughout the summer. While electricity appears to be the main culprit of energy usage during the summer (running those air conditioning units), water, food, and other elements from around your home can all contribute to the energy conservation issue.

It is important that you and your family complete an energy use survey to find out exactly how much energy you are wasting throughout the day. Kids can also fill out the energy checklist to give your home an energy score based on the items in your house. You and your family will enjoy thinking about your daily life, considering all the ways you use energy, and coming up with ways you can work to save more energy every day.

What Can You Do to Conserve Energy at Home? 

At Watt Watchers of Texas, we are fully dedicated to helping schools and families improve their energy usage on a daily basis so that fewer non-renewable resources are wasted. To help achieve our goal, we have provided a plethora of valuable resources and activities designed for all grade levels (K-12) that teach kids about various kinds of energy, how energy is produced, what energy is used for, and activities which encourage energy conservation efforts at home and in school.

Because kids are mostly at home during the summer, they are no longer able to participate in their schools’ Student Patrol Program, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue their fight against the Wasters Gang. We have lots of activities that easily transfer to life at home and will help them stay committed to saving energy and reducing the use of non-renewable resources. They can also have fun checking up on their parents, siblings, and others in your home to make sure you aren’t leaving lights on in unused rooms or letting a faucet leak water.

As the adult, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce energy usage as well. These include adjusting the thermostat during cooler temperature times outside, making sure blinds and drapes are closed when the sun is hitting that side of the house, installing a water heater blanket, switching out old light bulbs for LED bulbs, closing the oven door closed during cooking, washing only full loads of laundry and dishes, and turning off unused electronics.

Get the Kids Involved with Home Energy Conservation! 

When it comes to energy conservation, kids can and should be a part of the effort along with their parents and teachers. They can also benefit by participating in activities which also teach them about what energy is, how we use energy on a daily basis, and why it is important to conserve energy. At Watt Watchers of Texas, we have a variety of resources and activities that you can access and utilize for FREE to teach your kids about energy conservation.

As a member of the Watt Watchers Student Patrol Program, your kids are tasked with making sure that appliances and other sources of energy usage around your house are not wasting precious resources. Make sure that they are doing their job by checking for lights on in rooms that are not being used, leaking water faucets, and items that can be recycled. You can also demonstrate how certain energy sources work such as solar heat and light, dams for water control, and the amount of water used in the shower or bath.

When you make learning fun for kids, they will enjoy the activities and continue to participate in the energy conservation effort. Watt Watchers of Texas has resources that are appropriate for all grade levels as well as plenty of information to help you explain all the elements of the activities. If the whole family is involved, the energy saving effort will surely be a success.

Contact Watt Watchers Today 

Watt Watchers of Texas is a state-sponsored STEM program designed to boost energy literacy for grades K-12 and help schools (and homes) save money on their utility bills. If you are interested in getting your family involved in a Texas home energy conservation effort which includes fun activities for your children, contact Watt Watchers. We are dedicated to saving energy throughout the state and want to give you and your kids all of the resources and activities you will need to start and continue your efforts.

Your kids will love being a member of the Student Patrol Program helping Lil’ Tex and Ann fight off the Wasters Gang. Reading the story of Lil’ Tex and Ann will inspire your kids to get involved and do their best to keep the Wasters Gang out of your home. When they see that their efforts have a big impact, they will be proud and so will you. Watt Watchers is happy to have your family join our conservation group.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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