Watt Watchers of Texas: Texas is Too Good To Waste™

Itron’s Week of Resourcefulness from Discovery Education

April 8, 2019

Discovery Education and Itron, Inc. have teamed up to launch the 2019 Week of Resourcefulness. They will launch a brand new STEM investigation every day of the week. The investigations will be designed for teacher-directed, activity based learning, and they will explore the unexpected connections between energy and water. They will release a companion guide to continue the learning at home.

Conservation Station: Creating a More Resourceful World also contains a virtual field trip focusing on smart cities with a fully developed educator guide and links to additional resources. All content is created in partnership between Discovery Education and Itron with the goal of promoting energy-water literacy and conservation efforts through the innovative use of technology.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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