Watt Watchers of Texas: Texas is Too Good To Waste™

Renewable Energy Institute

January 27, 2020

On January 27, the Renewable Energy Institute will be taking place to cover areas like law, economics, technology, finance, tax, and regulatory policy.  This conference is aimed at industry participants, legal and financial advisors, and key legislative and regulatory policymakers and staff seeking to learn more about changes to energy laws. The way we are able to utilize and have access to our natural resources is constantly changing. 

From a student perspective, it is important that they understand natural resources are not evenly distributed across the United States or ever across Texas. Coal, for example, is one natural resource that can be found in Texas.  The Mining for Coal activity highlights different types of coal and where the different types of coal can be found in the United States.  As regulations are dynamic and our natural resources our limited, it’s important that students understand where some of these valuable resources are located.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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