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May 27, 2021

With the increasing focus on environmental education for students, it has become important for educators to expand their knowledge of the subject. Watt Watchers has designed a detailed session in alignment with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards to cater to these requirements.

The teacher training online session takes its guidance from the Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (TEEAC). It offers various fun activities related to caring for the planet, reducing waste, and smart energy education.

The teacher training courses program is open to educators of all ages. The session covers essential topics around sustainability courses through targeted exploration, engaging experiences, and high-quality content during its duration.

Whether you have recently entered the field as a teacher or need to hone your skills as a seasoned educator, ’s session around sustainability courses can help you sharpen your understanding of environmental education. With sessions available regularly, enrolling is as easy as a click of a button.

Our Online Education and Teacher Training Courses Covers Essential Education Around Sustainability Courses 

As a TEKS-aligned program, the teacher training courses and session covers essential professional development through Watt Watchers. This online education option ensures that you are receiving your education and training through a reliable TEEAC provider.

This online education and teacher training around sustainability courses focus on various key topics, where each of these online course subjects directly delivers essential information on taking care of the planet. In addition to general Earth science, this online education course covers data regarding different energy programs and the latest waste reduction measures. 

These education courses and training help you practice, retain knowledge, gain skills, and help you get started on a long and wonderful journey of programs and lectures around sustainability. As they get you started, you can then access more programs,

Caring for the Planet

In alignment to TEKS standards, this segment of the online education program delivers information on how to best care for the planet. This includes details and practices regarding the ethical consideration of Earth and its organisms. 

This topic also covers environmental education through a well-defined course material that includes information on various sustainability practices. All materials for the session are designed with timely research that is in line with the statewide curriculum.

When relevant activities are executed to utilize the information and experiences during active education, they optimally contribute to the educator’s skill set in the subject. This includes coverage of aspects including but not limited to scientific inquiry, exploration, and instruction.  

This branch of Watt Watcher’s sessions around sustainability courses also relates to the execution of sustainability practices and their relation to societal and environmental changes. This allows teachers to become more adept in assessing related topics in Earth science and environmental education. In turn, this enhances the capability of educators to teach these topics in alignment with the TEKS standards ideally.

By following this module, teachers could become more self-sufficient in the branch of environmental education. As a result, studying these points in a controlled capacity helps develop a better planet for the future. 

Reducing Waste

This section of the program focuses on the topic of reducing waste. It also aligns with the TEKS standards. Teachers are provided with targeted material designed to deliver the required knowledge engagingly in this branch of education around sustainability courses. 

By studying relevant curriculum and getting a close look at authentic processes, educators can learn the theory and execution of carefully reducing waste for better sustainability practices. With an engaging and fun set of activities focused on active exploration, teachers can also become aware of how to analyze different approaches in real-world settings. 

This provides a diverse view on the essential topic of reducing waste in a manner that is ethical to the planet and its organisms. This also covers the larger interaction of these activities with their connection to Earth science and societal decisions. 

Through this section of Watt Watcher’s education around sustainability courses, teachers obtain high-quality schooling and experience that helps them make their way through the discourse on waste management and reduction. 

In turn, educators who go through this program can offer engaging discussions, informed analysis, and factual information on reducing waste for the betterment of the planet. 

Free Online Smart Energy Education

This part of education around sustainability courses also aligns with TEKS standards. Through an engaging curriculum, teachers can learn about smart energy, its development, its benefits, and its utilization in the present and future use cases. 

The diverse set of factual research presented in relevant materials helps educators develop a firm grasp on smart energy and its relation to Earth science. Through authentic experiences designed to balance fun and educational activities, teachers can also learn the ideal use of relevant tools, equipment, and technologies in smart energy. 

This segment also emphasizes the practical knowledge of in-depth processes and their usage in real-world scenarios. The segment also covers the sustainability of smart energy and its overall impact on societal development. This allows teachers to understand the advantages and requirements of smart energy, enhancing their skill set for relaying this information in an educational environment. 

By following a streamlined set of educational subjects that all center around smart energy, this segment of Watt-Watcher’s education around sustainability courses prepares teachers for curious discussions, questions, and inquiries. 

This allows educators to confidently manage the topic in their ongoing classes, which also contributes to the quality of education that their students can benefit from consistently. 

Explore High-Qualitycontributingis Curriculum Around Sustainability Practices

At Watt Watchers, each of our sessions are designed to deliver high-quality education through a well-researched curriculum. By leveraging a detailed set of topics and activities curated for educators, our programs provide teachers with the level of comprehension they need to be confident in their subjects. 

Our sessions around sustainability practices follow the same approach every step of the way. As a result, you can reap the rewards of targeted research, authentic information, and engaging materials all at once. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how Watt Watcher’s related teacher training courses and the program can help. We will be glad to understand your requirements and direct you to the most relevant sessions right away. Our online courses are simple, straightforward, and accessible that helps almost anyone become teachers in sustainability, resources, strategies, and valuable initiatives to preserve Earth.

You can gain personal knowledge, understand strategies, techniques, and use your newfound knowledge to connect, learn tips, and build on your learning to educate people on technologies, techniques, and actions to promote sustainability. The idea is that more accumulated knowledge and awareness throughout various institutions will provide for a quick and wide range of related possibilities.

The best part is that you can learn and connect with these materials at your own pace, as we know that learners need to understand topics, techniques and explore as they have the time. You can choose from our menu of content and connect with the educational materials provided for an advanced understanding of the world around you.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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