Watt Watchers of Texas: Texas is Too Good To Waste™

Teachers Love Watt Watchers

There are over 2,500 Watt Watchers enrolled state-wide in Texas. It is a very popular program. There are many reasons for this enthusiasm. In case you are among the teachers who haven’t heard about the program or you are still sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to become a sponsor at your school – here is a little information to help you take the plunge. We think every school should be a Watt Watchers school. Read these reasons sponsors like the program and see if you agree.

First things first. Watt Watchers saves your school money by preventing energy waste and raising awareness about energy efficiency. Many Watt Watchers sponsors enjoy knowing they are saving energy and money while preventing pollution – it’s a good feeling. Even more satisfying is cultivating an ethic of energy conservation in students who will apply it throughout their lives.

But a close second is FUN. Watt Watchers can be loads of fun. Tapping into the natural enthusiasm of your students with a program that includes a role reversal (students reminding adults to save energy) is fun. Students like going on patrol. Students like giving out tickets (and thank-you notes). Happy students make happy teachers.

Another reason is suitability. Watt Watchers fits into what you are doing. The Watt Watchers program is a great addition to your energy unit. Going out into the school and actually preventing energy waste really makes the connection for many students. There are also many benefits for Sponsors and Teachers including the activities here.

Yet another reason is – it’s easy. It is also free – the State Energy Conservation Office sponsors it to help schools save energy. It is also very adaptable – a wide variety of groups are doing Watt Watchers including: 3rd graders and high school seniors, at-risk and gifted & talented students, or just about any other group you can name. The program is easy to start with all materials you need located on this easy-to-use site. Watt Watchers can also be expanded upon to save even more energy at your school.

There are many more reasons Watt Watchers love the program but there is no reason NOT to do it. Saying no is like turning your back on the future. Every school has one teacher that would love to be a Watt Watcher. Is it you?

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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