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Teaching Children About Water Conservation

July 18, 2020

Like many other natural resources, water is something that we rely on every single day for a variety of purposes. We often take for granted turning on the faucet to get a drink of water or grabbing a piece of ice to cool off a pitcher of iced tea. Taking a shower every day or brushing our teeth both use water as does cooking and cooling the air in our homes through air conditioning. All of these activities use water in abundance, and we would be completely lost without easy access to water in our homes, schools, places of business, and pretty much everywhere else! That is why it is essential that we are able to preserve all of our natural resources, especially water, so that we can continue to function normally in our daily lives without disruption from a lack of energy sources.

Since water is a natural, precious resource, that means that there is a limited supply. Just like other forms of energy, we have a finite supply of water that can be used up very quickly unless we learn to conserve and save it. At Watt Watchers of Texas, we understand the importance of preserving our world’s natural resources and are dedicated to providing information, support, and activities to schools and parents to help teach kids of all ages the benefits of energy conservation and how to save resources such as water at home and school. 

We also know that promoting the conservation effort is equally important, so we have partnered with the Water, Texas Film Festival as a way to encourage and promote water conservation.

The Benefits of Conserving Water

There are two primary benefits of conserving water in Texas as well as around the world: preservation of precious natural resources and lowering energy costs. Like all other resources on Earth, water is limited. Global demand shows that people are consuming (and wasting) more water than ever before. Unfortunately, the availability of water will not rise along with or at the same pace as our usage of it. Conserving water helps to ensure that there will be enough for everyone. LIkewise, energy and water are closely linked because society uses energy for water and water for energy. It is essential that we save water at every turn so that our energy and water resources do not become depleted.

On a secondary, and more personal level, water conservation reduces your utility bills every month. The more water conscious you are, the less your bill will be. As you make a concerted effort to save water (and other energy resources like gas and power), your monthly bills will be reduced and you may be able to put that money toward something the whole family can enjoy like a vacation! 

How Can You Conserve Water at Home?

Conserving water at home is actually a relatively simple task that the whole family can be a part of every day. Making sure there are no leaking faucets can help save gallons of water over a very short period of time. Taking shorter showers (especially when there are several people in the house who all need to shower each day), avoiding taking a bath and opting for the shower, and turning the water off while brushing your teeth are also great ways to conserve water waste.  And don’t forget to utilize that reusable water bottle rather than a plastic disposable one!

When you are doing some household chores, you can definitely work on your water conservation efforts. Using the dishwasher or clothes washer only when there are full loads avoids wasting water on smaller, less efficient loads. If you wash your dishes by hand, rinse all of the dishes at once rather than turning the water on for each dish. And watering your plants and flowers outdoors can consume lots of water depending on the type of plants you have. If you’re in a climate where plants would need tons of water because you get very little rain, it may be better to plant heartier flowers and crops that don’t require as much water to survive. 

Conserving water in your home is actually pretty simple and only requires a few adjustments to your daily life. Everyone in the house can participate, and it is a great way to teach children about water conservation and its importance.

How to Effectively Teach Children about Water Conservation

Kids love to participate in activities that they know are beneficial to them, their families, and the larger global community. When you’re at home, it’s a great time to show them that water conservation has lots of advantages and is pretty easy to do. Make the learning fun by having them complete activities which get them involved in the effort.

Kids are great at monitoring and watching when you put them in charge. As members of the Watt Watchers Student Patrol Program at school, they get to watch out for energy waste and make sure any offenders are taken care of. The same can be done at home. You can assign them duties as the water conservation experts. A great way to show them the tangible results of their water saving efforts is to show them the decrease in your utility bills or checking out the water meter. It doesn’t take much to learn how to read the meter, and they will be so proud knowing that their efforts have reduced water usage and waste.

Watt Watchers of Texas has also partnered with the Water, Texas Film Festival which provides an outlet for adults and kids to make short films (10 minutes or less) which share their individual water stories and bring about a greater awareness for the vital role that water plays in our daily lives. Whether you are creating a film or want to check out the submissions, this is a fantastic way to spread the message of water conservation and inspire everyone to do their part.

The Water, Texas Film Festival

Our partner, The Texas Water Foundation, hosts a yearly film contest that is judged by Richard Linklater. Due to COVID-19, April's screening and awards ceremony has been postponed to the Fall but we are excited to announce a new contest category: COVID-19 & Water. This is a special contest category in honor of the essential role water plays in our lives.

Need help learning how to make your own film? Watch this video from our friend at Elequa

What: 5 minute max film on the role of water during COVID-19 

Who: Anyone with a camera

Winner: $600 cash prize!

Learn More with Watt Watchers

If your kids are interested in becoming a part of the water conservation effort or you as the parent are looking for ways to teach your kids about saving energy, contact Watt Watchers of Texas. We have resources, information, and activities designed for kids of all ages and learning levels that will allow you to demonstrate the benefits of water conservation and get your kids active in the effort. Encourage your kids to join Lil’ Tex and Ann in their fight against the Wasters Gang with our Student Patrol Program and implement the activities in your own home. Check out our FREE resources!

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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