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Virtual field trips with Discovery Education

June 4, 2021

Watt Watchers is proud to spotlight Conservation Station, a new educational initiative, sponsored by Itron,Inc., in partnership with Discovery Education. The purpose of Conservation Station is to help create a nationwide dialogue on the importance of current and future energy needs, resource utilization, and above all, promoting conservation. 

Designed for middle school students, this innovative, engaging, standards-aligned virtual field trip (VFT) encourages students to explore the relationship between water and energy through the lens of conservation. Discover how new technologies are empowering consumers, making cities smarter and moving us toward a more energy-efficient future.

The VFT is also designed around the Resourcefulness water and energy eCourse, based on the book “Thirst for Power” by professor Dr. Michael E. Webber from The University of Texas at Austin, and focuses on reducing energy and water waste. The VFT is also packed with site visits, tips from industry experts, and thought-provoking lessons.

The Conservation Station VFT also follows Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), so you can be sure the lessons align with your classroom curriculum. 

Virtual field trips are a great way to keep students engaged through interactive storytelling, they help broaden students’ understanding of complex topics, and they’re a useful tool for exploring locations from all over the world, all while allowing students to learn from the safety and comfort of the classroom, or their home. 

Get Started Today!

To learn more about the Conservation Station virtual field trip, visit https://www.learntoconserve.com/about/ today and join us in creating a more resourceful world. 

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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