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Ways to Save Energy in the Classroom

February 25, 2020

Looking for new ways to teach your class how to save energy at school? Watt Watchers can help!

It is more important than ever before to protect our environment by conserving energy in any and every way we can. From our homes to our children’s schools, conservation efforts should be enacted to save valuable resources and prevent further pollution of our air, water, and earth. Our goal is to teach children the importance of energy savings from a young age. In addition to the natural advantages of energy conservation, there are also monetary benefits for your school or school district.

Save Money on Energy Bills at School

It’s a common occurrence that people get distracted by activities they are doing throughout their daily lives and forget to do something simple such as turn off lights when they leave a room. While teaching children effective ways to save energy at school may not seem like a critical issue, these energy consumption habits can lead to a lifetime of good habits in regards to saving energy. That one forgotten light is unnecessarily using energy that could have been easily conserved with the just the flick of a switch.

Additionally, every second that the light is on the electric meter is running which costs your school precious dollars that could be better spent on resources, materials, and events that directly benefit your children. Activities like turning off that light, monitoring computer power, and monitoring power usage are great ways to save energy, reduce your school's carbon footprint, and to start saving money on your school’s energy bills.

Of course, it is not just cutting the electricity or energy consumption that can help your school save energy and money at the same time. Water, recycling, heating and cooling, transportation, and food waste can all contribute to reducing energy consumption and help save on energy bills.

Student Energy Control Programs

Watt Watchers of Texas is an energy efficiency program designed to help schools save on energy costs. At the heart of Watt Watchers in the Student Patrol Program which allows school students to get involved in energy conservation efforts at their schools. Certain students join their school’s Patrol and are charged with helping reduce energy usage throughout the school. 

The Patrol program can be implemented with any grade level and all students can participate. Students can feel especially proud of their efforts and are given a certain amount of power because they are able to write tickets (even to teachers!) for the overuse of energy resources. 

At the end of the year, classes can be awarded for their efforts and the members of the Patrol have their own achievement awards too. For more information on ways to conserve energy, save money on energy bills at your school, and having your students join Lil’ Tex and Ann in your school’s own Student Patrol Program, contact Watt Watchers of Texas.

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