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What Is Energy Education and How Do We Use It?

March 3, 2020

Energy conservation is an extremely important topic, and everyone--no matter their age--needs to be aware of how to conserve energy, why to conserve energy, and what the outcome of a successful conservation program will be. While it is true that adults are in charge of such things as paying the bills and other aspects of energy use, it does not mean that children should be excluded from conservation efforts and education.

At Watt Watchers of Texas, we are dedicated to helping schools and families save energy and money. One of the first ways to enact a conservation effort is to educate those involved (adults and children) about energy, how it’s used, and why it’s important to conserve. This is why we have developed the Student Patrol Program.

How To Effectively Teach Students About Energy 

Depending on the age of the students involved, what energy is and how energy conservation works may be a bit too advanced. Rather than lectures of overwhelming amounts of information, students can be involved in activities which suit their grade level and also share the importance of energy conservation. With the Student Patrol Program, Watt Watchers of Texas has developed activities for every grade level.

For example, kindergarteners may not understand the ins and outs of refrigeration or air conditioning, but teachers can educate them about the process of modern air conditioning with a fan and a bowl of ice. High school students, on the other hand, may be interested in how entropy and the second law of thermodynamics contributes to pollution.

Why Is Energy Education For Students Important? 

Children spend the majority of their time each weekday at school during the year, so it is important that they are aware of energy usage and are well-educated in energy conservation efforts. The benefits for the school itself include obvious advantages such as lower energy bills, and this leads to money spent on far more critical expenses and resources for the students. But kids do not need to worry about money. So why involve them in energy education?

At school, students who participate in the Student Patrol Program are given a sense of achievement for having helped their school conserve energy and money and have helped to create more energy efficient habits throughout the school. More than that, though, they will be joining a special team of like-minded students with whom they can bond and given a certain amount of control over their classmates, teachers, and staff. Imagine writing a ticket to a teacher for leaving a light on!

Students also learn lessons at school that they can then bring home and implement strategies to save energy and money at home. They can feel empowered that they are teaching their parents and are able to see true change both at home and at school.

Student Energy Patrol Programs

If your school is interested in starting a Student Patrol Programs, Watt Watchers of Texas has all of the resources you could ever need so that your school can begin to save energy and money. Your students will join Lil’ Tex and Ann as office Watt Watchers. From simply turning off a light in an unoccupied classroom to enacting a recycling program, the students work toward a common goal of energy conservation and get rewarded for their efforts. Contact Watt Watchers of Texas for more information.

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