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World Water Day

April 9, 2021

What is one element that is non-negotiable in life? Here's another clue, the component provides sustenance for the earth in a variety of ways. If you guessed water, you guessed right. This is one element that freely flows from sinks, showerheads, and bottles for our use. It is seemingly abundant in our modern lives. 

But the truth is that water flow, access to water, and general distribution of water varies across the world due to different aspects. It can also vary depending on your region and advanced or elementary level of infrastructure.

Life would be drastically different if water didn't flow as seamlessly as it does at the present moment. We do not think about the basic infrastructure that helps make our modern lives more comfortable and seamless. We may even take it for granted; that is why we celebrate World Water Day.

World Water Day is an entire day focused on water, how we interact with water, and how we can modify behaviors and practices to preserve our relationship with water in the present and for generations to come. You can learn more about the history of water and how water has played such a significant role in our lives by watching this video by Power Trip!

Why Celebrate World Water Day?

Who doesn't like water? Everyone appreciates clean and potable water. That's the primary reason to celebrate World Water Day. 

The second reason to celebrate it is that water awareness helps people understand the world's overall water situation. Remember, as noted above, water may seem like an abundant resource, but it is not. 

World Water Day draws attention to the global water crisis and how sustainability efforts are crucial. It also brings attention to the need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.

The event, which takes place annually on March 22, will revolve around the idea of valuing water in our lives and its role in sustainable and healthy living. Remember that water usage is not only about looking at the price you pay on your water bills or at the grocery store when you purchase water bottles; rather, it is more about understanding its application in your everyday life.

While Earth is covered in water, not all of it is potable water. World Water Day emphasizes the importance of freshwater or drinkable water. At the present moment, at least 2.1 billion people do not have basic access to safe freshwater - an astounding number of people without basic access to freshwater in the modern era.

The Origins of the Event

World Water Day came about in 1992, the year that the UN conference on the environment and general sustainable development took place in Brazil. The representatives decided that they would start to dedicate March 22 of each new year to celebrate the World Day for Water. This day’s observation fosters and encourages the awareness of water, sanitation, and ways to reduce poverty while increasing economic activity and overall sustainability.

Even emerging markets like India and others have problems that pertain to water. For instance, India’s ministry for water resources noted that the average water availability per individual in India dropped by 300 cubic meters and could fall further over the next decade. But that is just one country. It is also present in other nations ranging from Ethiopia to other nations around the world. As such, it is no surprise that it is a global initiative. 

The Value of Water

Water is vital in our economy. The element integrates into various parts of our lives and is intertwined with all lives on the planet and even astronauts who live outside of our planet. 

The value of water is hard to grasp as it flows through every part of our day, from the food we eat to the electricity we consume to the clothes that we wear. It affects animal’s migratory patterns, general ecosystems, and is what makes the Earth so unique.

If we discount water today, we may not have it tomorrow. That is the central theme present in various parts of the world as the water dries up due to natural causes, general mismanagement, and other factors.

This resource is arguably the most precious as it lays a foundation for all kinds of life, from mankind to animals. Clean water and sanitation may seem like a simple goal in theory, but it is up to us to be more focused on conservation for the generations ahead of us! It will require more intensive thinking, modernization of infrastructure, global coordination, multidimensional approaches, and attention to preserve and safeguard water for present and future generations.

What Can You Do?

The average water consumer can conserve water by observing behaviors and instituting a few changes in their lives. For instance, did you know that water and electricity are intertwined? If you save electricity and power, you, in essence, conserve water utilization as well. Further, practice simple modifications such as using energy-efficient appliances, taking simple showers, and ensuring to use water as necessary when brushing teeth and minimizing leaks within the home. That can help to reduce water consumption overall.

Celebrate World Water Day with Watt Watchers

Here at Watt Watchers, we aim to foster initiatives and implement campaigns to increase awareness among key conservation issues. These are the things that drive our organization to provide resources and deploy tools to help others take action to help generate more awareness about these issues within our various communities!

We are pleased to celebrate World Water Day with our global community and our local communities as well.

If you have any questions or concerns surrounding our campaigns, how we can help, and how we make a difference in the world today, reach out today!

Watt Watchers of Texas is a Partner Program of Smart Energy Education.
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